We are really doing this!

Change can be scary sometimes.

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We are really doing this!

It finally hit me this past week when we received an offer on our house. This new adventure is really going to be our life soon!

Our emotions are all over the place as we move forward toward our dreams. Have I had second thoughts? Sure, at times I question what we are doing.

Are we crazy? Who just sells all their things, becomes homeless, and travels the country?

But, we are being intentional about pursuing our dreams as a family and I know it’s the right thing. God has been so faithful in this process to open the doors and close the ones we are not to walk through.

Change is hard even when it is good change.

There wasn’t anything wrong with our life here. I love our house, especially our outside space. I love the location and having our close next-door neighbors. We are near people we know and love, It’s pretty safe and quiet in our area.

All is great but there is just this feeling of needing change.

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    How can we be more intentional with our family? How can we get more quality time together? We spend every minute of every day together but how do we make sure it’s quality time growing together?

    This adventure allows us to have that.

    We have had to make hard choices along the way but we are excited! It hasn’t all been easy and it won’t be.

    It’s hard to tell your family you are leaving for an undetermined amount of time.

    It’s hard to let go of your stuff (more on that later).

    It’s hard to sell your house.

    In all the houses we’ve lived in this one is the hardest one for me to leave. But, I think when we learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable, then exciting and fulfilling things can happen.

    They say the scariest things in life are often the best things in life and we are continuing to believe that as we continue to walk this path. There is a big world out there full of so many things to explore and people to meet.

    We will never look back and regret the time we spent investing in our family so even when the days in this process are overwhelming and the anxiety is there we continue because it will all be worth it!

    Katie Douglass
    Written by Katie Douglass

    Mother of 5, trip planner, and homeschool mom.


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